Important notice relating the supply of goods due to Brexit,

Over the past 11yrs ShowerSealsDirect has been a dedicated supplier of Sealux and BAL products.

March 26th 2021, We are still waiting on HMRC to issue GB VAT No. Until this is issued we cannot ship Business to Consumer, we can only ship Business to Business.

Due to Brexit, we have temporarily closed our store from UK-based customers. Ordering will be possible as soon as our UK VAT registration and the overall process of selling to the UK post-Brexit has been sorted out.

Some of our items are manufactured in the UK and some integral parts of our kits are manufactured in Ireland. As the UK left the transition period on the EU on Jan 1st 2021 we will experience delays due to our online store being upgraded to cope with necessary changes, e.g. tax changes/customs duty, etc.

If you are willing to wait please email us at and we will inform you once we are able to process orders

Thank you for your patience as we try to arrive at a solution that works for all.

Please feel free to contact us