Now that it's coming into the Summer time with more natural light and more time to tackle those DIY jobs in the evening, we thought we would bring you some of the latest trends in bathroom and Shower design and refit.

  • The retail trade is telling us that more and more customers are opting for walk-in showers and wetrooms over the traditional bath. Shower areas are getting larger and more spacious, Open Showers (with no shower door) are becoming more popular as well, as it further maximizes the available shower space.
  • Popular bathroom and shower room colours are soft blues and forest greens – it sounds like customers want to create a more earthy and natural setting in the bathroom as it creates a more relaxing mood;
  • The key to blending in the colours is to replace your existing tiles with affordable ceramic or porcelain stone tiles, both large and small formats are very popular. They definitely will stand the test of time once they are well fitted and the grout is cleaned regularly. In our next post we will discuss more trends such as wellbeing designs, steam rooms, lighting, mixing contemporary and new modern styles and more.
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