Trimlux Shower and Bath Seals - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Q.1 What is Trimlux?
Trimlux is a PVC trim that uses an enclosed silicone sealant to allow for joint movement and waterproofing. The trim is installed between the wall tiles and Bath or shower tray.

Q.2 How does Trimlux work to make sure my shower or bath stays waterproof?
The most frequent cause of leaks are due to joint movement, lack of durability and deterioration of silicone. With Trimlux the “flexi” leg part of the trim allows for a higher degree of joint movement, because the silicone is hidden and protected inside the trim, you see a clean joint seal that does not attract slime or other eyesores in the shower, bath or wetroom area.

Q.3 What size is Trimlux available in?
Trimlux trim measures 1850mm in lenght (6ft), ideal for large baths and can be easily cut down to fit standard shower trays. The width of the trim is 23mm wide strips.

Q.4 What is the best way to install Trimlux?
Follow the simple steps that are detailed in our brochures and installation videos. Please review the installation brochures that can be found here and/or look at the Trimlux Installation videos