Q.1 What is a BAL Tanking Waterproof kit?
BAL Tanking Kit is a waterproof protection system for walls and floors that prevents water penetration. Please visit our installation guide for further details, simply click on this link Waterproof/seamless: sets in 24 hours

Q.2 Why should I use A Tanking System is a Shower/Bath Seal not enough?
We recommend you Seal and Tank you Bathroom Wall in order to avoid costly repairs from water and moisture damage. Please see our simple installation video on, simply click on this link

Q.3 Is there a quantity discount if I buy more that one BAL Tanking Kit?
Yes, we are pleased to say that we have quantity discounts when you buy 2 or more, the price per unit decreases, please check the shopping cart for further information, simply click on buy BAL Tanking Kit

Q.4 When is BAL Taking not suitable?
BAL Tanking is not suitable for exterior use, total immersion or as a barrier to prevent water ingress from background/base (eg DPM). Supports maximum weight of 32kg/m² on walls

Q.5 What comes in the Sealux Shower Seal & BAL Tanking Kit Bundle that I buy from you?
For your convenience we have bundled together the most popular Sealux Shower Seal and BAL's industry leading tanking solution at a fantastic priced bundle. For more information, see our Sealux Shower Seal and BAL Tanking Bundle

Q.6 Why do I need to make this extra effort to Waterproof my Shower/Bath?
Due to the high use of showers and the high performance of showers in most UK bathrooms, it is fast becoming essential and certainly best practice to waterproof your bathroom walls over pre-installed shower trays and baths. Water leaking through joints and moisture penetrating tiles and grout, are frequent problems in today's shower environment, this easily leads to property damage and costly repairs or insurance claims

Q.7 What areas of my home/building should I use BAL Tanking?
BAL Tanking and Sealux Shower Seal Trims with Silicone N are ideally used where you have any wet interior such as the following:

  • showers, baths, wet-rooms, laundry/utility rooms
  • around drainage channels, pipes and floor wastes & upstands,
  • ideal for domestic, industrial, commercial buildings

Q.8 Why use Sealux-N silicone when Sealing Your Shower Trim after Tanking?
Sealux-N is a high performance Silicone, the only silicone recommended by Sealux for use with their sealing systems.