Who We Are

We offer full and comprehensive instructions with every Bath or Shower Seal Kit sold, installation guides and videos are available for each of our Seals to make it easy for you to thoroughly seal a shower or bath. We pride ourselves on being the choice of the professional installer and DIY person.

A little bit about us at Shower Seals Direct

Shower Seals Direct is a dedicated online sealant trader offering very attractive prices and fast product turn around to the UK & Europe. By buying in bulk directly from the manufacturer and selling online, we can reduce prices very effectively and get our Shower and Bath Seal product to you, our valued customer, in a timely manner.

Excellent service, attractive prices, highly skilled employees are our success factors. We are a dedicated team with many years commercial sales experience and we aim to become the number one online Shower and Bath Seal reseller in the UK, Europe and North America. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email us! We welcome your feedback on your product experience and will constantly update our website with your product reviews.

Our Customer Service team is available to answer any queries from 9am – 6pm, as we want you to have the best experience possible with us and our Seals, so that you can tell your friends and colleagues. If we can do something better please tell us as we want to improve our service!

For larger orders please contact us directly on the following numbers below
UK enquiries 0117 230 2008
International enquiries + 44 117 230 2008
Make us your one stop Shower or Bath Seal shop!

Finally a note to 'Cold Callers', Spammers, Hawkers and the like. We will not do business with any of the above, now or in the future. We ask you kindly not to call us, not to waste our time, and not to waste your time and money.

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