AquaStrap FAQ's

Q.1 What is Aquastrap?

Aquastrap is a flexible up-stand seal that is stuck onto the outside walls of shower trays (and baths) before final location against adjacent walls. When installed, the up-stand is stuck between the bathroom wall and tile with a silicone joint kept between the bottom edge of the tile and ledge.

Q.2 When should I use Aquastrap instead of a Shower Strip or Trim?
Aquastrap is designed for new shower tray installations in a bathroom or wetroom. It is installed before you tile your shower cubicle. If you prefer not to see a plastic sealing strip below your tiles then Aquastrap is an ideal sealing solution. Please see our simple Aquastrap installation video or a thoroughly waterproof shower tray install and the rest is easy.

Q.3 Why does Aquastrap have an 'Isolating Cord'?
To conform with codes of practice in regard to material compatibility. Sealants can react aggressively with polymeric materials such as EPDM and butyl adhesives.

Q.4 Why use Sealux-N silicone?
Sealux-N is a high performance Silicone, the only silicone recommended by Sealux for use with their sealing systems.

Q.5 Do I need to use PTFE tape on AquaStrap?
No, there is no need to use PTFE tape with Aquastrap, the pre-installed alignment cord eliminates the necessity of using tape.

Q.6 How many sizes is Aquastrap Upstand Seal available in?
Aquastrap is available in 6 different sizes, the measurement required depends on the size of your shower tray, starting at 2metres and going up as large as a 25 metre trade pack. Prices are quoted for your convenience
AquaStrap 2.0M
AquaStrap 2.3M
AquaStrap 2.8M
AquaStrap 3.4M
AquaStrap 4.0M
AquaStrap 25M

Q.7 What comes in the Aquastrap box that I buy from you?
Aquastrap is supplied in roll format in various lengths as described above. Each box has installation instructions printed in text and photographs. Alcohol wipes are provided to prepare the shower tray and bath outside walls for contact with the butyl adhesive tape. We also provide an end cap cord to cover the exposed cut ends of the butyl adhesive.

Q.8 You mention Hang and Bond in your literature what does it mean?
Two butyl release liners facilitate an easier and superior ‘hang & bond’ installation method for both new and seasoned installers!

Q.9 What is an AquaStrap Bundle?
An AquaStrap Bundle consists of a AquaStrap and Sealux-N silicone. If you buy an AquaStrap Bundle you can avail of savings rather than buying them separately.