Cladseal Shower Seal Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Q.1 What is a Cladseal Shower Seal?
Cladseal Shower Strips seal the joint between the shower wall cladding and the shower tray, bath or floor. More and more bathroom and wetrooms are using cladding panels as an alternative to tiles as they are often less expensive, come in a wide variety of attractive finishes and can be easier to install and maintain than tiles.

Q.2 How does the cladding seal work?
Cladseal is an 18mm wide trim designed to span a 10mm gap between the wall and bath ledge or shower tray, it is installed using a flexible silicon sealant (Sealux – N) to form a waterproof seal between the wall and ledge.

Q.3 What size is Cladseal available in?
Cladseal trim measures 1850mm in length (approx. 6ft), ideal for large baths and can be easily cut down to fit standard shower trays. The width of the trim is 18mm.

Q.4 What is the best way to install Cladseal?
Cladseal is installed before you install the shower wall panels. The shower wall panels should rest on the flat surface of the outer leg. We advise installers to follow the simple steps that are detailed in our brochures and installation videos. Please review the installation brochures that can be found here and/or look at the Cladseal Installation videos