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Sealux Pro 25 Sealing Trims

Sealux Pro 25 Sealing Trims (25mm wide trims)

Trimlux Reg 25 Profile

Trimlux Reg Sealing Trims, inc. endcaps (23mm wide trims)

Trimlux Pro Sealing Trims, inc. endcaps (23mm wide trims)

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Trimlux Pro 23 Sealing Trims. 2 Trimlux trims, it is an ideal quantity for the tradesman or for those that is doing a bath or shower tray installations in their house.

This pack consists of 2 trims, each trim is 1850mm in length. Original Trimlux Endcaps are also included

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Trimlux Pro 23 is a flexible edging seal that is used on Shower trays baths and worktops Trimlux conceals and shields the silicone sealant inside the trim so no sealant slime, splitting or eyesores with Trimlux.

Trimlux is a two part shower seal that combines a Trimlux trim with an approved silicone. Each trim has an inner leg that is ribbed to provide a firm grip for silicone. Please refer to the technical drawing above. To install Trimlux the trim is turned upside down and the trim cavity (a) is slightly overfilled with silicone. The trim is then installed over the joint as shown below.

The Sealux-N silicone 'anchors' the inner leg (a) firmly to the ledge. This inner leg (a) acts as a bond breaker that prevents the silicone making contact with the underside of the flexible outer leg (b).

In the event of joint movement between the ledge and wall the silicone keeps the inner leg (a) anchored to the ledge while the flexible outer leg (b) is free to flex to accommodate joint movement. This 'bond-breaker' inner leg creates some flexibility in the strip, the 'shielding' effect of the strip over the silicone promotes durability, hygiene and aesthetics. Trimlux Pro 23 is fixed to the wall with tile adhesive.

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Dimensions 1.850m x 0.023m / 1850mm x 23mm
Box Contents 2 x trims, each trim measures 1850mmx 23mm, Original Trimlux Endcaps
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