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Panseal 18 Sealing Trims (18mm wide trims) 2 Pack

Sealux REG 20 Sealing Trims (20mm wide trims)

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Sealux Reg 20 Sealing Trims. 2 x 20mm wide PVC trim for Shower trays, baths and worktops where ledge to worktop gap is 8 mm max. The Sealux Reg range can be installed behind or overtile.

This pack consists of 2 trims, each trim is 1850mm in length, Original Sealux Endcaps are also included.

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Sealux Reg 20 Sealing Trims - Ideal for behind or over tile installations.

Sealux Reg 20 profiles are most suitable to seal joints where the gap between the vertical and horizontal surface is not greater than 8mm and the thickness of the tile is not greater than 10mm.

Sealux shower seals combine a rigid pvc strip with Sealux-N silicone. To install a Sealux seal the strip is filled with Sealux-N silicone and planted over the joint. Each strip has a green tape applied to the inside face. This tape is a silicone bond-breaker. The silicone will not bond to this part of the strip. To accommodate joint movement the silicone releases off the green tape and stretches like an elastic band to create a flexible bridge between the strip and the ledge.

This 'bond-breaker'; tape creates great flexibility in the silicone, the 'shielding'; effect of the strip over the silicone promotes durability and hygiene in the shower environment and hence it is allowed to stretch during joint movement.

Sealux Reg 20 profiles are fixed to wall (or tiles when fitting overtile) with Sealux-N Silcione.

It is typically fitted to either a shower tray, bath or worktop that require a waterproof joint to be maintained.

Installing a Sealux seal, Please see our installation video and our PDF instruction document.

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Dimensions1.850m x 0.020m / 1850mm x 20mm
Box Contents2 x trims, each trim measures 1850mmx 20mm, Original Sealux Endcaps
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