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Cladseal Sealing Trims (18mm wide trims) 2 Pack

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Cladseal packs are ideal for 1 bathroom installation, order extra trims at no extra shipping costs.

This trade pack consists of 2 trims, each trim is 1800mm long. Original Cladseal Endcaps are also included

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Cladseal Sealing Trims (18mm wide trims) 2 Pack is available to buy in increments of 1

Cladseal shower seals are designed for sealing lightweight PVC wall panels to shower trays and baths. Cladseal is endorsed by Europe's leading pvc wall panel manufacturers.

Sealux-N silicone acts as a flexible sealing material between Cladseal 18 and the adjacent ledge. A Cladseal trim is perfect for use around your bath or shower tray and is durable, flexible, hygenic and attractive.

The Cladseal Sealing System combines a 18 mm wide strip profile with a neutral curing silicone called Sealux-N. Cladseal 18 is designed to span a gap of 10mm between the wall and adjacent ledge.

Please see the technical drawing above. Excluding the uppermost surface (x), the inner cavity walls of Cladseal 18 are partially layered with a polythene tape indicated by the green line. Sealux-N silicone will not bond to this polythene tape. When joint movement occurs between the wall and ledge, the Sealux-N silicone bonded to Cladseal at (x) and to the ledge at (y) comes under tension.To reduce this build up of tension the silicone must stretch, but to stretch it must first release off the inner cavity walls of Cladseal 18 so a silicone bond breaker is required (according to BS 5385). The polythene tape is our silicone bond breaker and this allows the silicone to release off the inner cavity walls of Cladseal 18 and stretch to reduce the build up of tension.Elasticity is created through the flexible "bridge" of silicone connecting (x) to (y). This "bridge" of silicone elongates to maintain stress free bonds with Cladseal at (x) and the ledge at (y). The silicone runs continuously through the corner joints, it remains visually concealed and environmentally protected inside the Cladseal 18 strip.

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Dimensions 1.800m x 0.018m / 1800mm x 18mm
Box Contents 2 x trims, each trim measures 1800mmx 18mm, Original Cladseal Endcaps
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