The rugby world cup is coming to a close and we all need a little cheering up, hence we are launching our Autumn competition - and its all about successfully tanking your bathroom or shower area.  We are going to ask you a couple of simple questions that any DIY expert should know, these questions are open to plumbers, tilers and the general building trade as well.


  1. How many years guarantee do you get with a BAL tanking kit?
  2. Can you use a BAL tanking kit with either a Sealux or Trimlux Shower Sealing kit?
  3. How many coats of BAL tanking should you use on your bathroom surface before you start to tile your bath or shower area?


When you have answered all these BAL Tanking and shower seal questions correctly you can enter the draw to win 3 different prizes. First prize is a BAL Tanking kit with a sealux shower seal kit, this includes your shower or bath trims and Sealux N silicone. Second prize is a BAL Tanking kit on its own. Third prize is an AquaStrap bundle – you can have the aquastrap 2.8 bundle with sealux N silicone or the 3.4 AquaStrap seal with sealux N Silicone.

All Shower Seals Direct competition entries must be submitted here by November 30th 2015 and all the questions above must be answered correctly to enter. We will announce the winner on December 7th and the prizes will be sent out to you that week.

Please feel free to contact us with any Shower Seal or BAL Tanking questions, we are here to help.

Shower Seals Direct Customer Service Team