Water Saving Ideas for Your Home:

We were recently asked by a number of trade people to feed out some ideas on how to save water in your home, this seems to be a common problem amongst households in the UK and Ireland. It is very topical in Ireland at the moment as the Irish Government are set to introduce domestic water charges in 2014, following its introduction in the UK.

Some here are some helpful hints that should get your started:

Water Leaks - it is really important to check your Bathroom, Shower area or wetroom for any leaks, starting with your bathroom and sink taps - here are some ways to check that they are leak free /. Remember we have an excellent range of shower and bath seals to prevent any bathroom leaks, when combined with BAL Tanking you can be guaranteed of a waterproof bathroom, shower or wetroom area.

Reduce the number of times you flush your toilets - we know this seems like a silly statement but alot of households use the toilet as a bin and keep flushing it time and again - if this is repeated in all the bathrooms by the whole family - that adds up to alot of toilet flushing!!  As flushing is so inefficient, only use it when necessary, the link above also gives some great ideas on toilet tank water savers that you should find really useful.

Installation of low flow shower heads and taps can make a big difference to your water usage, please click on our link here to view more

Shorter Showers for all the family - its obvious but the less time you spend in the shower the less water you use - when all members of the family try and reduce their shower time you will notice a big difference! Its also worth mentioning that if you turn the taps off when brushing your teeth and or shaving you can also save on your water usage.

Finally insulating all your water pipes means that your water heats up quicker and you waste less water trying to get the water from cold to hot!

We are sure you have plenty of more suggestions, so please feel free to send them on. Lets work together to make families more aware of what a valuable resource water is - we should not waste it!!

We welcome all your feedback on any of our posts!

Shower Seals Direct Sales Team