Tips on Tiling Part 3


Just to recap on tiling tips for your bathroom or en-suite - you have filled all the gaps in the bathroom walls with waterproof grout, you have tanked your walls with our BAL tanking kit and you have selected one of our shower or bath seals ( Sealux - Aquastrap, Trimlux, Panseal and Cladseal for Wall Panels).

Having worked out exactly how many wall and floor tiles you need and 10% extra for cut offs/breakages you are ready to start tiling your bath or shower. One thing that is really important before you start, make sure you research what equipment you will need - when buying your tiles, adhesive & grout, see if your DIY store has a tiling kit. You may also need to hire or buy a tile cutter and an eye mask/protection
Follow your Plan:  Even if your bathroom is small you must still only work a small section at a time. You cant let the adhesive harden as it would be impossible to move the tiles if you need to. We would definitely recommend you use plastic tile spacers between each tile. The tiling area will need to dry before you think of grouting so keep moving on with the tiling and leave the grouting to the end! Once you get into the swing of it, it should be straight forward enough. Try and solve any issues you may see arising in advance of starting your tiling, as it will be very tricky to fix them once you begin!!

We look forward to hearing how you get on - please feel free to come back to us with any feedback or feel free to send on photos. We recommend you watch our installation videos before you install your shower or bath seal