Tiling Tips - Part 2:

So you are going to tile your bathroom or en-suite, lets recap on where we were last week with our tiling tips:

You have been to your DIY or tile store and chosen your tiles, you have also checked the grade of the tiles for both the bathroom floor and the bathroom or shower wall tiles and made sure they are suitable for your bathroom. You then need to think about the walls and how to prepare them for tiling! We strongly recommended last week that you make sure you walls and floor are waterproofed. Our BAL Tanking Kit is ideal for this specific use, we sell these as a stand along product or you can buy them at a reduced price with any of our Trimlux, Sealux or Cladseal shower seal range. Our BAL tanking kit comes with a 25 year guarantee and meets all the specific tiling requirements. Tanking you bathroom thoroughly will end up saving you a huge amount of time and money.

All gaps in the wall should be filled using a waterproof grout, the tiles must have no gaps, it is also really important here to research what sealing system to use for the area where the tiles meet the bath or shower. Again this is where Shower Seals Direct can help you - we offer a full range of products and silicone sealant that ensures your bath and shower area will remain waterproof. Aquastrap, Sealux, Trimlux and Cladseal come in many different sizes and widths to meet the exact requirements of your bath or shower tiling area. Please visit our installation videos to get a full understanding of which one you should choose
All our shower seals and bath seals from Sealux are anti fungal and Silicone N is the best shower seal sealant on the market.

Next week we will examine the next steps you need to look at, measuring up, buying amounts, equipment required and more

or any queries on our shower seal product range please call us or email us - details are on our contact page, we would be delighted to help you. Our brochure range is available on our website.

Shower Seals Direct Sales Team