Start with reducing the amount of (hot) water you use:

  • When washing your hands or shaving, put in the sink plug – you will use less water
  • Reduce the thermostat level to 140°F / 60°C, this is high enough for a hot bath or morning shave/wash
  • Stop taking baths and opt for a shower instead  – it will save you money and time
  • Leaking taps, bath or showers waste a lot of water and cause damage to floors, ceilings etc so make you fix them up, the longer they are there the more water you lose & more damage they cause!

Bathroom Lighting and all over your house

  • You have probably heard it 100 times but it really does work at reducing your electricity bill – switch off lights in the bathroom and any other room you are not using, and you need to keep reminding the kids as well!
  • Energy efficiently bulbs – these are now readily available at many stores and in many sizes to suit all sizes of light fittings. While they may cost a little more they can last up to 10 times longer than a regular bulb and use a lot less electricity, a must have in the bathroom  and all over the house for that matter.
  • If you happen to have a TV/ radio or other appliances in your bathroom turn them off at the socket rather than on standby, as it’s safer and more cost effective.

Replace/install a jacket on your hot water cylinder

  • Check your hot water cylinder, and replace the existing jacket with a 75mm thick jacket, they are inexpensive and available from most DIY stores.  If your cylinder is old you may think about investing in a whole new insulated cylinder as it will keep your water hotter for longer and is more efficient

Radiator Panels behind all radiators

  • You can reduce the heat escaping from your radiators by installing radiator panels behind the radiators this can save up to 20% of the heat loss, as heat is lost through the wall behind and above the radiator. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and packs, they are available in store and online from many electric stores and providers.