Shower Area and Bathroom Safety :

Following a recent survey from our Shower Seals Direct customers we discovered that storage and safety in the bathroom are still your biggest concerns. Last year we posted some helpful tips on how to make your Bathroom and Shower area safer for your whole family especially your children who seem to be able to find danger in the least obvious places and we know its really important to make sure you constantly child proof your bathroom. Click here to our 5 Easy Child Proofing Steps from last years post.  Please fell free to come back with any ideas that have worked for your Bathroom

We also posted some Safety ideas for Seniors which you can click on here  We would love to add more feedback from you, helpful things that have worked for you.

Finally our last post covered overall Bathroom Safety that can be viewed here

We hope all these posts are helpful, its in all of our interests to make sure our Bathroom and Shower Areas are as safe as possible for all members of our family. Lets make the list of tips as long as possible so send on any tips you have and we will upload them and share them with the rest of our customers.

Next week we will look at some storage ideas from our previous blogs and some new ideas, so feel free to share any ideas you have.

We look forward to hearing from you as always

Shower Seals Direct Sales Team