We get a number of calls daily from people all over the UK and beyond asking for advice on installing new seals and how best to fix a leak. We thought we had heard it all until this week when a gentleman from Hartlepool called us looking for advice.

He had a PVC shower wall panel that was leaking down onto the living room ceiling below. It transpired that the original installer did not apply any seal but only a skim of silicone that had broken down in no time. We asked them to see if they could slide a bank card between the shower wall panel and the shower tray ledge, they could!!, HELLO! Alarm Bells ringing!!. Now removing these panels is not an option as trying to remove them would destroy them, more pain and more cost.

So our solution was to supply Sealux Reg25 that will be stuck to the front side of the shower wall panel so as to create a waterproof barrier and stop the leaks! The Sealux Reg25 will create a protective enclosed shield for the Sealux-N silicone, whilst waterproofing the interface between shower wall panel and the ledge of the shower tray.

A few installation tips and a little bit of advice and the homeowner has it sorted, Result.