Replacing Exposed Silicone Seals

We have had a number of queries over the last couple of months about replacing old,  stained looking seals and trims around bath and shower tray areas, customers are frustrated at their bath or shower area appearing dirty but don’t want to replace the tiles and do a big make over.  We are very pleased to inform them that we have two product ranges that replace the existing damaged/worn shower seal or bath seal and trim but don’t require new tiles to be fitted!

Trimlux Regular 25 Shower & Bath Seal can be installed over the existing tiles, the non-punched trim is fixed to the bath or shower wall with silicone sealant. These innovative sealing kits protect and conceal the silicone sealant and allows for joint movement through the flexing of the profile itself. The trim is available in white and soft cream.  If a large gap has to be covered, they are the ideal seal and trim.  Please visit Trimlux Sealing kits for more details

Sealux Regular Shower and Bath Seals come in 3 different profile widths – 15mm, 20mm and 25mm depending on what gap they are spanning. Again the non-punched trim is fixed to the shower or bath wall using the Sealux N Silicone, over the tile and planted over the joint. Each profile uses a pre installed silicone sealant bond breaker that allows for joint movement between walls and the shower tray, pan or bath. We offer the Sealux Regular 15 in white & soft cream, all other Sealux profiles are available in white.  Please visit Sealux Sealing kits for detailed installation guide.