Panseal Shower Seal

Shower Seals Direct are pleased to announce that in September 2014 we will be adding the Panseal range of shower seals to our store. Panseal is the market leading seal for use with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) shower wall panels.
Since its inception in 2004 it has become the seal of choice and is endorsed by the leading manufacturers of shower wall panels.

Panseal and Cladseal are similar in design, however Panseal incorporates a vertical support leg. This support leg is to offset the laminate material from the flat surface and hence protect the laminate in the wet environment of a shower wall. As Cladseal should only be used for PVC shower wall panels the PVC does not need such protection.

So remember if you are using Shower walls in your bathroom you should use Panseal for the HPL Panels and use Cladseal PVC Panels.
If you are tiling you can use our popular Trimlux, Sealux or AquaStrap products.
More information can be got from the Sealux website