Give your Bathroom a make-over in 2014

We have noticed a trend over the last 2 autumns that more & more people are buying our Bath & Shower Seals in October & November so we are presuming that everyone is thinking about doing up their bathroom or shower area for Christmas. With that in mind we thought it would be a good time to bring you the latest trends we have noticed in UK Bathrooms.


Furniture upcycling/ refurnishing your Bathroom and interiors, this is a really interesting way of using your existing bathroom furniture and applying new paint colours to refresh and envigorate an exisiting bathroom space. Research what paint you use as I recently came across a chalk paint that only requires one coat and a wax seal to finish – really quick and easy and wow what a transformation!! This is an ideal way to introduce more tasteful bathroom accessories and create a finished look, if you want to achieve the “stressed/old style” just use some sandpaper, stensils can also help and a bit of imagination!!

We will come back next week with some more Bathroom changing trends for 2014, such as introducing earthly/eco products, separating the bathroom to achieve a feeling of space and more....