Kitchen Ceiling Leak - A customer recently reminded us about that horrible feeling when you look up and see a trickle of water coming down from the kitchen ceiling and you rush upstairs to try and see where it is coming from – the bath or the shower or the toilet. Luckily if you have used our BAL Tanking Kit and one of the Sealux range of Shower and Bath Seals it wont be coming from the bath or shower area, but where should you look next. Well in this case it was impossible to track it through the pipework and because it was the weekend and they couldn't get a plumber, they had to sit and wait and watch the water trickle more freely and spread across the whole ceiling, buckets everywhere. Even turning off the water didn't help!  Luckily when the plumber arrived first thing Monday morning he was able to track it back to a very small fracture in the Immersion tank, which he replaced and the kitchen ceiling dried up and the problem was rectified very quickly – might not have been so lucky if it had been the shower or bath!!

Please feel free to call or email us with any queries on waterproofing your bath or shower area. You may also want advice on which seal would suit your bath or shower best. We also  have  really useful installation videos on all our Seals on our website.

Shower Seals Direct, Sales Team