The Irish media are reporting a steady growth in Construction, which has grown steadily through the second half of 2013. These claims are being backed up by Irish Government statistics and the main boost is coming in the commercial construction sector.  As more and more multi national companies set up their European Middle East & Asian head quarters in Ireland, there has been a strong demand for larger corporate buildings. Many of these will be built in Dublin and the other larger cities around Ireland.

Residential building is not keeping pace with commercial building projects, in fact reports say there has been a drop in volume of over 5%. Dublin also seems to be getting the largest share of the projects, with other urban location coming second, however the rest of the country is a long way behind and not feeling much of a bounce back which is bad news for local construction workers.

The belief amongst the Irish construction trade is that growth will continue through 2014, following the positive signs of a construction recovery for 2014 in the UK.

As we have a large number of trades people such as plumbers, tilers and builders buying shower seals and BAL tanking kits from us, we would welcome your feedback on this topic to see what your experiences are like, wouldnt we all love to think that this recession is finally coming to an end!!

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