2014 Trend Ideas In The Bathroom?

Of course at Shower Seals Direct we believe the bathroom is a really important room in your home that needs to be looked after/refurnished just as much as the rest of your home. As possibly the smallest room in your house it doesnt take much time or money to keep your Bathroom/Wetroom just as “in- vogue” as all your other rooms, so we will continue to bring you some ideas on what we believe to be the Bathroom Trends for 2014.

Our research has found that more and more families want the bathroom to reflect the mood of a family space, a room for everyone – young and old, male and female!! With storage space for all the family and colours to reflect all the personalities of the family.

  1.  Re-Use:
    We mentioned the huge benefit and cost savings in refurnishing your bathroom interiors every couple of years, change the colour, look & feel with new one coat chalk paints. Pick up some old/new accessories at markets or retail shops and paint them to match in with your new chosen colour scheme.
  2. Introduce Natural Themes:
    Bring the environment back into your Bathroom - introduce nature/natural colours into your bathroom, water/ocean/maritime colours, or natural stone colours or leafy colours with plants. If you cant do this with colour changes or new tiles, use clever bathroom accessories or interiors such as glass/natural wood to achieve this.  Research some new environmentally friendly appliances that reduce electricity consumption or will help to save water – we particularly like our previous post ideas on water saving devices such as low flow shower heads and toilet tanks. Feel free to view this post here
  3. Break up the Space and Increase the Bathroom Size:
    Take away all the old rugs/Bath mats and paint your floorboards in dark natural colours or use natural looking tiles on the floor – turning your bathroom into a more luxurious and relaxing room.
  4. Mood Lighting:
    Always remember the effect lights or candles can have on a bathroom , subtle lighting and dimmers can transform a bathroom or shower area. Put together with new mirrors strategically placed to reflect light and WOW you really are on trend and have completed the transformation!