Easy Steps to Childproof your Bathroom

I recently read a very interesting article stating that over 1 million children are brought to hospital annually in the UK following an accident at home, obviously the majority of these accidents happen in the kitchen and living room but as we are all about bathrooms we have put together some ideas that will get you started:

  • Non slip bath mats - make sure you put one inside & perhaps outside your bath or shower area - these is important for all members of the family.
  • Always ensure a grown up is in the bathroom with your child - never leave children unattended.
  • Make sure all medicines, cleaning materials, beauty products, cosmetics, vitamins and any other potentially harmful ingestion products are kept out of reach of children
  • Fit a toilet lock to the toilet seat to prevent children from falling in or the seat/lid falling on their little fingers!
  • Buy a water thermometer and place in the sink or bath before you bath/wash your children to ensure they can not get scalded by water that is too hot.

Please feel free to come back to us with any suggestions you may have