First Quarter Report on Residential Building in UK, 2014

Good News for Residential Building UK - As Residential Construction is up over 65% on this time last year

Recent Construction Industry reports from March 2014, have stated that residential construction has dramatically increased all over the UK with London accounting for nearly 20% of this in spend terms.

House-Builders are all reporting large increases in profits over last year, stating Government incentives on loan schemes and other incentives as having a very poitive effect on the residential market. Many construction companies are expecting a large increase in construction jobs across the whole of the UK, which is great news after this particularly difficult recession which hit the construction section especially hard.

Demand for new homes is higher than it has been since the recession hit in 2008 and will offer job opportunities and increased profits for builders, plasterers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, tilers and many more construction related companies. A word of caution for the first time buyers in large cities such as London though as all these Government incentives and initiatives usually drive up house prices and sometimes push first time buyers out of the property market, so they might be well advised to get in sooner rather than later!

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