It is great to see the huge amount and variety of energy saving light bulbs that you can buy on line or in many stores, starting from very low 8 watt to 150 watt. You can now transform every light fitting in your house to CFL (or led) bulbs and dramatically reduce you energy consumption. However a recent UK statistic quoted that nearly 80% of homes still use incandescent bulbs – imagine all the money you could save by introducing CFL bulbs as research has shown that CFLs can last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and use only 20% of the electricity.

A traditional 60w bulb produces the same energy as a low energy CFL 8-14W ! So take the time to walk around your house & count the number of light fittings – on average a normal 3 bed house will have at least 2 light fitting in each bedroom (6), 2 bathrooms (4), living room (3), Kitchen (6-10 on average), playroom (3) – so even at a conservative estimate that’s over 23 bulbs per house, where you are wasting energy and replacing bulbs regularly!

There seems to be a huge amount of brands available so it is worth shopping around & online to make sure that you are getting value for money, bulk buy to avail of the many free shipping options!