Construction News from Ireland:

It appears that there is another property surge continuing to gain momentum in Ireland, mainly around the capital city of Dublin and the surrounding area.  The property experts are predicting an 8% growth in 2014 as demand is well behind supply. The main problem that buyers are experiencing is the lack of supply of 3 bedroom semi detached houses, it appears that there is a big lag in building new houses to suit this market and this is pushing land prices up! This surge in demand is bringing employment back into the construction sector which was dealt a huge blow in the downturn of 2007/2008 with thousands of employees losing their jobs.

Overall business confidence is on the rise with many of the banks surveys showing a sharp increase in demand for construction activity, the strongest figures since 2004 - which is great news for the Irish market. Housing and Commercial activity reached multi-year highs with a large number of new orders and a large volume of orders not seen since early 2006.

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