Adjustable shelves within vanity units- rather than building in shelves on the units, think about buying a unit with adjustable shelves that you can move up or down as required, this way you can fit in any items you choose and adapt as required.

Pedestal Sink built in units – the sink area can waste a lot of space, and most families like to put in as big a sink as possible, pedestal sink units really help to optimise the storage area of your bathroom, some can accommodate up to 3 shelves that can store most the bathroom essentials you need , they are a great place to hide your bathroom cleaning products aswell

Built in shelving in corner areas – the ceiling to floor corner areas can accommodate free standing or built in units with shelves, fit out each shelf with a basket and you can store all you need in a tidy and attractive display, plants or scented candles can really add a relaxing touch.

Wall only units that don’t take up floor area – built in shelves or units can be fitted behind toilet areas to maximize the storage, again these can store all your toiletries, cosmetics, towels, candles and more.

Hang a towel rail above the bath – if you think about it most hotels hang a heated towel rail near the end of the bath and it works beautifully, you can easily store and dry 3 or 4 towels here.