Recent bathroom trends in the UK:

show that home owners are more inclined to refurbish their home than look to buy a new property. Many homes are opting to divide up their large bathrooms into a main bathroom and an en-suite off the master bedroom, the additional en-suite bathroom with shower area adds a lot of value to the home. But it also serves a very practical use of having an additional shower in the family home, which is crucial as the family grows.  We have loads of ideas on bathroom storage from our previous posts that you can view here and some more ideas that you can view here  We also wrote a whole series on bathroom lighting that we will share with you in our next blog.

When installing a new bathroom in your home it is really important to make sure you prepare your bathroom area correctly in advance of fitting the bath or shower tray, this is when you should consider a tanking system kit to put on the bathroom walls before you start fitting anything - our BAL tanking systems comes with a 25 year guarantee and will ensure you have a totally waterproof bathroom and shower area.  It is then important to consider your bathroom and shower seal trims before you start fitting the shower tray or tile any walls. Remember our Cladseal shower and bath seal kits are designed uniquely for decorative PVC wall panels. Wall panels are now being widely used across the UK as they require less maintenance and look fantastic, they are especially popular in wetrooms.

For any queries on our shower seal product range please call us or email us - details are on our contact page, we would be delighted to help you. Our installation videos are also available on our website.