DIY tips on Tiling:

Thank you to all our customers who replied to our blog topics that you would like to read about from Shower Seals Direct - we had over 50 replies, covering many different

ideas on what an online shower and bath seal shop should blog about but the one that came up a number of times was ideas on how to tile your own bathroom or en suite.

If you decide to give your bathroom a make over with new tiles you will definitely need some tips on how to successfully complete the job so that it looks as good as if an expert tiler did it. But remember before you take on this big DIY tiling project, tiling a bathroom or shower area is NOT easy, it can be very stressful and if you are not exact about the wall measurements, cutting the tiles etc it will look wrong and spoil the whole bathroom.

Tiles are also expensive so it is very important to make sure you measure up the walls & floor correctly and order the correct amount of tiles - most DIY stores will recommend you buy an extra 10% over what you require for cuttings and errors. Also before you start make sure you do as much research as you can both online and with your local trusted DIY store - there is loads of information available even if you have little experience.

So as you start out the first thing to do when selecting your tiles is to check your tile grade - make sure they are suitable for a bathroom or shower area where there tends to be alot of water.

Next you need to check your bathroom wall surfaces - we strongly recommend that you tanking the walls around the bath and shower area - our BAL tanking kit is ideal for this, this is applied to the walls and must dry before you start any tiling job - remember it can take a day or two to dry so you need to keep that in mind!

We will bring you the next steps in our blog next week - so check in then!!!

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