Are you sick of your bathroom looking cluttered, untidy or neglected or worse still boring without personality!
We have some ideas that can bring the Karma back.

You have a number of choices here. Your bathroom decor can reflect the design and colours in the rest of your house – blend in and feel apart of the house by using the same colours and shelving combinations as in the rest of your home. Buy similar lighting fixtures to what you have in your hallway or a joining rooms. Towels to match your bed linen to give a sense of continuity or bring in a matching piece of furniture.

Alternatively you can use your bathroom decor to make a statement - be really daring using vibrant even clashing colours, fixtures and fittings, shower curtain, towels, shelf colours, toilet seat, baskets, candles........ that don't blend with any other part of your house. Paint the walls different colours & paint the skirting boards a bright vibrant colour. It is a small room that is not always visited by non family so why not give it its own personality, let it stand out from the crowd – just remember that if you are going to be bold and daring you may lose the Karma or tranquility that you are trying to create!