We are delighted to update our Shower Seals blog with the news of a significant increase in demand for our Aquastrap, self-adhesive, flexible up-stand Shower and Bath Seal product range from the United States and Canada. We can also report that over the last 6 months we have shipped our Bath & Shower Seals to many European destinations!!

The Netherlands has shown the biggest increase in order followed by France, Germany and Spain. It costs very little extra to send our boxed Aquastrap product to Europe, the USA/Canada and the rest of the world, so we really hope to grow these markets. We are also curious to see do bathrooms look significantly different in Europe, USA, Canada and further afield.

We would love you to send us back some photos of your bath or shower area after you install the Aquatrap/Trimlux/Sealux or Cladseal Seals and trims, we will happily post them on our site, it all helps us spread the word!!  Also please feel free to continue sending us back your product reviews and let us know other products that you would like to see on our site.