Bathroom, Wetrooms and Shower Area Make Over ideas:

Following feedback from our many customers and trades people on your biggest bathroom wetrooms and shower area challenges, we are going to feed out some storage ideas for Bathroom and Shower Areas that might assist you maximise your bathroom and shower area no matter how small your bathroom area is.

We posted some helpful tips  last year on how to make your Bathroom Wetrooms and Shower area look and feel bigger for your whole family. We also had some ideas on how to keep your bathroom looking less cluttered especially with children or just when you have a large family and your bathroom has alot of family members coming through its door !

Click here to our blog on Bathroom Wetrooms or Shower Area Storage Ideas from last years post.  Please fell free to come back with any ideas that have been successful for your Bathroom.

We also posted some more storage ideas for Bathroom, Wetrooms or Shower area which you can click on here  We would love to add more feedback from you, helpful things that have worked for you.

We hope all these posts are helpful, its in all of our interests to make sure our Bathroom and Shower Areas are as clutter free as possible for all members of our family. Lets make the list of storage tips as long as possible so send on any tips you have and we will upload them and share them with the rest of our customers.

So feel free to share any ideas you or any clever ideas you have seen in your friends bathrooms.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you as always

Shower Seals Direct Sales Team