Energy Saving Lighting

Never underestimate the importance of a good lighting scheme in your en suite or family bathroom, many of our important daily routines start & end in the bathroom, so why not spend a little money to brighten your day

Most of our days start with showering, brushing teeth, flossing, shaving, washing your face - the list can be quite long and frustrating if you are straining to see what you are doing! There are many places where you can include more lighting such as bathroom walls, ceiling lights or even include lamps, where necessary, so that you get a better view of what you’re doing. Including more of the right type of lighting can help you achieve a more relaxing bathroom atmosphere. It is very easy to use low lights and high lights now in the bathroom area to get the right look and even include a dimmer switch to give you more or less lighting capacity when needed.

If you are renovating your bathroom, thinking of selling your house or just giving your bathroom a fresh look try introducing some modern light fittings (metal or chrome), a ceiling centre piece or over mirror light fixture can create an up-to-date, fresh, simple & clean look. When choosing your lighting keep in mind the overall effect you would like to achieve. For example if you are thinking about a Victorian/timeless style you should choose simple, understated lighting but a nautical theme would need a totally different type of lighting perhaps including nautical shapes and colours.

So when choosing lighting try to choose something that will last the test of time, can be energy saving, and is easy to install as calling in an electrician can be expensive.