We read some really interesting statistics on Energy Consumption in the Home and it appears that the Bathroom is the place to start with the biggest offender on energy usage being the Immersion!

The average home in the UK has over 200 appliances - that seems to be a conservative estimate! Anyway the advise is to turn off the immersion when you dont need it or better still install a timer where you set the hours and monitor the savings you make off your next couple of bills.

The Top 5 biggest home energy users are as follows and they usually make up about 70% of your monthly Electricity Bill
Bathroom Immersion (on average per household it costs about £35 per month)
Tumble Dryer (on average per household it costs 50p per load, about £12 per month)
Fridge Freezer (on average per household it costs £6 per month)
Dishasher (on average per household it costs £3 per month based on 20 loads)
Electric Kettle (each boil costs 2p, so an average of £2 per week)

We will post some hints on how to save on these Top 5 appliances in our next post - in the meantime if you have any advise send it onto us or start by just checking your bill