With the recent acquisition of Nightline Logistics by UPS we at ShowerSealsDirect can now reduce our shipping costs by up to 50%. As our kits are just over 6 foot long they can only be shipped with a courier and are too long for regular postal services. Up until recently our costs were in excess of $100 for shipping, yes a total deal breaker when you consider the cost of a kit is approx $65.

As with all our shipments to the USA and International destinations, we package the sealing trims in boxed PVC so they are not damaged during transit. It is our utmost concern that our goods arrives to you in perfect condition.

We have seen a steady increase in enquiries from the USA about the availabilty of our products. Becasue of the the time difference between us and the USA (we are 5hrs ahead of EST) you may miss our online support chat facility when we are out of office. Please leave a message when we are offline with your email address and we will revert back to you within a couple of hours. Alternatively you can email ShowerSealsDirect here.