1) Leaking showers often cost a lot to repair and can cause significant damage to bathroom floors and first floor ceilings  if not fixed quickly. While initially it may look like the shower enclosure is to blame quite often it’s the installation or wear & tear on the shower seal or silicon sealant that is at the root of the problem.

2) Our variety of product range from Sealux – Aquatrap, Sealux Trims, Trimlux Trims, Cladseal ( Wall Panel installations) ensures that you can buy many different types of shower seal to fit many different scenarios within your bathroom or shower area. All our products  are tried and tested for over 14 years by households all over the UK and Ireland

3) Simply click on the videos and get detailed installation instructions on all our product range:

  • Aquastrap Video for an Easy Fit Upstand Peel Off Seal for a New Shower that Waterproofs your Shower Tray and then Combines with Silicone to waterproof your Shower Tray to the Wall before Tiling
  • Sealux/Trimlux Installation Video  for Replacement Seal Trim/Strip Install that can be used before or after tiling
  • Cladseal for Wall Panels Installation Video

4) Once you have  confirmed which Shower or Bath Seal you need simply visit our website to buy the product online www.showersealsdirect.co.uk
Aquastrap Shower Seal            Trimlux Shower or Bath        Sealux Shower or Bath
Seal White PVC Trim Kit        Seal White PVC Trim Kit

5) All our Sealing Kits,  Aquastrap, and Trade trims come with comprehensive instructions. If you need assistance or advice on which product to choose we are here to help, Call us on Tel: 0044 117 230 2008 (UK) and we will be happy to help out.