5 More Bathroom Safety Tips

Thank you all for your kind responses to our latest Bathroom Safety posts - it is great to get positive feedback and know that someone is reading our posts and finding the Bathroom information useful. We have some more useful tips for you as safety should be your No 1 priority in the Bath & Shower area:

1. We mentioned previously how dangerous electricity is in a wet area, following some further research we came across ground - fault circuit interrupters!! Your electrician should know all about them they basically protect you from electric shock if, in the unlikely event, water and electricity should come together.

2. Install more GRAB bars - we have mentioned these before but they can be easily installed in the shower area, around the bath or beside the toilet, you will be very glad you have them if you or your children or parents loose your footing.

3. Installation of Locks - it might make sense to install a look up high outside your bathroom door - this way the bathroom is out of bounds to small children. It is also very worthwhile to install child proof lock mechanisms on any bathroom cabinets, especially the low ones - this way you can store all your bathroom cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines etc and know that they are safely out of reach. Just remember to secure the lock properly after opening it and also check it works regularly - children are clever and can sometimes master these safety devices!!

4. Make sure you have adequate lighting in the bathroom all day - these can mean opening the blinds so that natural light comes through, night lights are very beneficial at night as well.

5. Tweezers, razor blades, shavers, manicure scissors, all cosmetics etc (its a long list) should all be stored high and well out of reach of any adventurous child!! All these things are common sense but we lead busy lives and it is so easy to forget so BE BATHROOM SAFE for your family, your children and yourself!!