Make you Bathroom Safer

Following on from the positive feedback on our last blog on bathroom safety, we thought we would continue on with the same theme. As water carries electricity efficiently, you need to ensure that you are extra careful in the bathroom! When your skin is wet your body's resistance is lower in the case of an electric shock.

1. Start with your Lights: Try and esure you install enclosed ceiling lights as opposed to hanging lights, also all your bathroom light fittings should be out of reach of someone wet coming out of the bath or shower, the safest thing to do is to buy fittings with or install pull cord switches.

2. Secondly your Shower: All electric showers must be supplied and fitted with their own circuit directly from your fuseboard.

3. Thirdly your Bathroom Sockets: All electrical sockets should be at least 3 metres (10 feet) from your shower or bath, infact the safest option is to place the sockets outside the bathroom if possible. You should also check the safe distance required for shavers before installing then - it will be on the instructions.

4. Fourthly your Towel Rails and Heaters: Use your central heating to heat your bathroom, there are many options now that offer a radiator with a towel rail. If you are installing an electric heater make sure you buy one with a switch or pull cord that can be installed outside the bathroom

5. Finally Hairdryers:  The safest option here is to dry your hair in your bedroom but if you do need to have a hairdryer in the bathroom install a fixed hairdryer like you see in most hotels.